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Jane PortnoyJane Portnoy
Jane Portnoy grew up on the South Shore of Long Island
near New York City.  Since her early teenage years, she
has been an avid recipe collector and cook.  This volume
is the fulfillment of her dream to gather the best of what
she has created and collected into a Jewish holiday
cookbook.  Her marriage to Cantor Marshall Portnoy took 
her and her husband to Congregation Adath Jeshurun in Louisville, Kentucky, where Jane went to medical school
and became an ophthalmologist. In 1994, Jane and her
family relocated to the Philadelphia area where Marshall
serves as the Cantor of Main Line Reform Temple in Wynnewood, and Jane is Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Scheie Eye Institute of the University of Pennsylvania.

While she pursued her career as an eye physician and surgeon, she always maintained
a passion for cooking and baking.  Her original idea of writing a holiday family recipe 
book was transformed into a more ambitious project when she linked her cookbook to
an exploration of the Jewish calendar.  Commentary by her husband was a natural tie-in 
since Marshall has had a lifelong interest in astronomy and the Jewish Calendar.  Jane 
imagined color drawings that would give the book a unique flavor, and she was
delighted when she saw the work of Robin Reikes.  Robin’s wonderful renderings of
an old-fashioned family evoke the poignant atmosphere of the Holidays. 

Marshall Portnoy is the Cantor of Main Line Reform Temple in Wynnewood,
Pennsylvania. He is the author of The Art of Torah Cantillation and many popular
works of Jewish music.

Robin Reikes
Robin Reikes  is a freelance artist and art educator living in Louisville, Kentucky.  Much
of her work is centered on Jewish themes.  She has taught classes and workshops on
such topics as Hebrew illuminations and the role of Jewish writers and illustrators in the evolution of the comic book and graphic novel.  She has also developed curricula for
middle school art programs.

Megan Clark is a graphic designer living and working in Vancouver, Washington.  She applies her artistic verve to business strategy as the owner of Clark and Company, which provides a full spectrum of design, art direction and branding services.

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